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New Axix sinks perfectly blend Corian® and Stainless Steel.

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How do you beautifully and seamlessly combine the best qualities of both Corian® Solid Surface and stainless steel? The 1810 Company has come up with an ingenious and easy to fabricate solution, which is exclusively distributed by CDUK. New Axix Seamless Technology sinks enable all the elegance of Corian® to flow smoothly from the worktop into the body of a full stainless steel bowl, cladding the sides but leaving only a gleaming metal base exposed. This sleek and clever concept means the sophistication of Corian® is matched with the ‘industrial chic’ of steel to create a high-performance sink with an extra touch of resistance against ultra-hot pans or boiling water taps. It also enables a cohesive visual effect, as any of the attractive colours of Corian® recommended for kitchens can be used for both worktop and integrated sink.

Stylish, contemporary and eminently practical, the Axix solution comes with all the confidence of an impressive 75 year warranty. All the desirability and versatility of Corian® in a unified aesthetic solution that offers an optimum answer to the demands of modern kitchen design. It also comes in two brand new, trend-led colours – Copper and Gunmetal.

This range of Axix sinks is designed especially to be internally lined with Corian®, and is manufactured to the same exacting standards as all products from The 1810 Company, using 1.2mm, 304 grade stainless steel. All the steel elements have an insulating protective powder coating on the underside, helping to retain the heat of the water in the bowl whilst also reducing noise if a waste disposer is fitted. The Corian® element is then seamlessly integrated by skilled Corian® Industrial Partners as part of whatever unique arrangement of worksurfaces and splashbacks has been conceived for each individual kitchen.

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