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We have a range of workshop services, specifically designed to provide support when you may not have the capacity or necessary machinery to fulfill certain requirements in-house. With nearly 40 years of Corian® Solid Surface expertise, our knowledgeable workshop team can help turn your idea into a completed project that is delivered on time and on budget.

See below for more information, or email with full details of your requirements for a no obligation quote.

Thermoforming Corian® Sheets

One of the principal design features of Corian® is its ability to be thermoformed into a variety of complex shapes and forms. We can offer a full thermoforming service, from developing the initial CAD designs and jigs, through to creating prototypes prior to final manufacture.

We are able thermoform any size sheet up to 3658 x 1000mm and any colour. However, we recommend that you discuss this in detail with our workshop team, in advance of your selection, so we can advise on any specific product limitations.

CNC Routing

Using a state-of-the-art CNC routing machine, we can support you in: creating moulds, routing complex shapes, cutting surface textures and patterns, signage letter carving, templates and engraving.

We can offer these services on materials up to 3600 x 1500mm and can help with the full project lifecycle, from initial planning and design through to CAD creation and routing.

Solid Surface Machine


Using our calibrating and sanding machine, specially developed for solid surface, we can assist you with the following sanding requirements:

  • 280 grit finish of a 6mm sheet
  • 600 grit finish of a 6mm sheet
  • 280 grit finish of a 12mm sheet
  • 600 grit finish of a 12mm sheet

Sheets will be flat on the side sanded, however we are unable to guarantee a specific thickness across batches.

Know your colours?

Email the samples team:

Alternatively, you can view the Corian® Colours by visiting the link below.