Button Fix™

An easy, accurate and secure method of invisibly attaching panels, signage and objects to walls, ceilings and other surfaces.

Brand Swoosh
Image of Button-Fix Type 1

Button-Fix Type 1

  • Connects parallel panels where the emphasis is on strength.
  • Its strength has been verified by an independent test house.
  • Highly versatile, it can be surface-mounted or semi-rebated into the panel, orientated for vertical or sideways assembly.
Image of Button-Fix Type 1 Bonded

Button-Fix Type 1 Bonded

  • For use where screw-fixing to the panel is not possible and bonding is the preferred option.
  • It can be either surface-mounted or semi-rebated and works with a broad range of materials.
Image of Button-Fix Type 1 Flush

Button-Fix Type 1 Flush

  • For applications where panel-to-panel contact is required.
  • It fits a simple oval rebate and can be rebated into the edge of a panel of at least 28mm thick or the face of a panel of at least 18mm thick.
Image of Button for CSK Wood Screw

Button for CSK Wood Screw

Image of Button for Euro Screw

Button for Euro Screw

Image of Button Marker

Button Marker

  • Helps to quickly and accurately align the Button-fix installation, reducing the need for measuring and marking out.
  • Snap a marker into each Fix, then position the second panel and press firmly
  • The market points will leave indents in the panel surface, which can be used as pilot guides for the Buttons.
Image of Fix and Button Set

Fix and Button Set


Set includes: 1no. Type 1 Bonded-fix and Button for CSK Wood Screw.

Image of Fix-pad for Type 1 Bonded

Fix-pad for Type 1 Bonded

  • Self adhesive Fix-pads for the Type 1 Bonded are ideal for light duty applications where speed of assembly is important.
  • For the best results we advise that the Fixes are used in the rebated configuration.
Image of Router Multijig

Router Multijig

  • Helps when machining the oval recesses required for rebated configurations of Button-fix.
  • Supplied with two interchangeable stainless steel plates to suit the Type 1, Type 1 Bonded and Type 1 Flush Fixes.
  • The jig is designed for use with a metric 12mm cutter and 18mm guide bush.

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