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Designing with DuPont™ Corian® - the latest from around the world part 4

Designing with DuPont™ Corian® - the latest from around the world part 4

Domenico De Palo "Silenzio Wall-integrated Sink" un lavabo lumineux, en Corian, intégré dans le mur par Domeni..

Having had a month of in March, we're back with a selection of the finest designs from around the world which use Corian® in ever more clever and stunning ways. This month we have the stunning hand rail shown above, some light shades in Schiphol airport and some smaller design pieces to boot’¦.

Corian® Wash Basin by Domenico De Palo

Italian designer, Domenico De Palo, calls this work the "Silenzio Wall-integrated Sink". The luminous blue light bathes the basin beautifully and the whole piece seems to float on the wall.

It's a captivating way of using light and the the thermoformability of Corian® to suggest a feeling of flowing water.

From different angles the basin looks like it forms part of the wall. Some commentators have questioned how practical it might be, others view it as futuristic.

For me, it's simply a beautiful piece of design that exudes elegance and calm.

Take a look at some other work by De Palo.

Taking it easy on a Corian® Sun-lounger

US home product company, Usona have used sleek Corian® that has been thermoformed into lovely ergonomic shapes and then combined with a stainless steel frame.

The result is a sun-lounger that anyone would love to relax on. Corian® is UV stable so the perfect material for using outside in the sun as it won't fade over time...I can't say the same for the cushions on top....

Pulling a Genie Out from a Corian® Lamp

The Scandinavians seem to be able to turn out the very highest level of understated urban design time after time. Danish company Onø Design have taken the thinnest Corian® available, thermoformed it and wrapped it into an elegant lamp shade. The Lilli Light is best described in their own words:

"This useful and simple lamp strives to be innovative and traditional at the same time. The design is as little design as possible, honest and unobtrusive, easy to understand and its aesthetics is long-lasting. The light is reduced to it's necessary elements. The beauty is determined by playing with the combination of lighting and materials, a decorative faded graphic is added to enhance the simple yet dynamic shape."

I couldn't have put it better myself and their English is certainly clearer than my Danish would be....

A Whole House Full of Corian®

US fabricator Evans & Paul have created what looks like a homage to Corian®.

You may well expect to see Corian® worktops and even the kitchen doors made out of Corian®, but it's something else to see staircases, balustrades, walls and columns all getting the Corian® makeover as well.

You get a true feel for the versatility of the product - it's the old cliche about only being limited by the designer's imagination.

We're always on the lookout for more great ways that designers are using Corian® around the world. If you'd like to be featured here or just want to share something you've seen stick a comment below or tweet us at @cdukltd. Look forward to hearing from you soon.


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