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Designing with DuPont™ Corian® - the latest from around the world part 3

Designing with DuPont™ Corian® - the latest from around the world part 3

(Photo courtesy Christian Richters)

Another wide range of designer-led products and projects from around the world for February. Corian® continues to grow in popularity as designers see its benefits and think up ever more brilliant uses for it. This month we have the stunning hand rail shown above, some light shades in Schiphol airport and some smaller design pieces to boot....

Corian® Handrail in Paris Apartment by Marc Fornes, Theverymany™ working with Ammar Eloueini

On first seeing this handrail/screen, my instinct was to think (a) that it had been photo-shopped onto the staircase and (b) that it may look pretty but it can't work from a practical point of view. Sometimes you just have to admit when you're wrong...

Marc Fornes and his THEVERYMANY™ brand specialises in taking computational protocols" and using them in the world of design and fabrication. That is why the screen is in effect a series of geometric shapes.

Marc's work was used by architect "Ammar Eloueini
who wanted to create a staircase that connected two separate levels in the apartment that were previously completely independent.

In his own words The stairs needed to simultaneously have a presence and be discrete as they are leading to an intimate space." As well as the screen rail being made from the Corian® the actual face of each tread is also Corian®. For the designer this provided a way of linking the stairs to the Corian® floor used on the upper level.

The project has won several awards and it's not difficult to understand why. There is something special about using a material to give the effect of being quite insubstantial so that the design element takes precedence whilst knowing that the inherent properties of the Corian® will give the screen rail enough strength to fulfil its functional requirements.

Corian® lights up Schiphol Airport

Product designer "Frederik Roijé
teamed up with Studio Linse and INTOS to create a set of super large lampscapes made entirely out of Corian®, lluminated with LEDs love the fact that this relatively simple design gives a public space in an airport a more domestic feel. Using the translucent properties of Corian®, the lampshades will give a more subtle light through the Corian® than standard materials for this type of application.

Their is a lovely added feature of having Designed by Frederik Roijé" routered onto the inside of the Corian® lampshades.

Corian® writes its own story

A bit of fun from the UK now and a lovely pen that I spotted on the "Pen Turner's Forum

Moving from the relatively large-scale projects above, Corian® is also a favourite with artisans who love working it into jewellery and the like. We have been making pens for many years in Corian® but rarely have we seen colours combined in such a clever way.

Corian® that is good enough to eat off

Because Corian® is non-porous, it has long been associated with the food industry. Thanks to a posting in response to my first blog on these designs Scott Helmes got in touch to tell me about the wonderfully inventive and colourful Contemporary Tableware handmade from Corian®" that he and his partner have created.

They say that the work that "S2bh
does is functional art made from recycled and industrial materials. Available for sale in Minnesota these pieces of art really do make use of all the benefits of Corian® as a material - seamlessly combining different colours into exotic thermoformed shapes. I'd love to be serving food on these pieces of art!


Please do get in touch with your work for future editions of this monthly trawl of the world's best uses for Corian® focussing on the more design-led side of things.


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