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Surcare Speeds Sanding for Surface Solutions

Surcare Speeds Sanding for Surface Solutions

Like all small to medium-sized solid surface fabricators and installers, Surface Solutions Co. of Rotherham South Yorkshire, is faced with the time-consuming job of sanding work surfaces and vanity tops to produce the desired high standard of finish.

The company is an approved DuPont™ Corian® fabricator and offers bespoke solid surface solutions for all types of projects; ranging from individual vanity units through to high-end designer kitchen commissions, as well as fit-out contracts within the commercial sector.

Since it was formed in 2001, its owner, Jeffrey Vickers, has consistently invested in the very best technology to improve the company's capability and was quick to acquire a *Surcare SMF-200 four-disc sander* after seeing it demonstrated on the CD (UK) stand at the W12 exhibition.

‘Investing in the *Surcare sander* has certainly boosted the efficiency of our sanding process, particularly on large surfaces such as tops for island units,’ says Mr Vickers. *‘What used to take us around a day and a half can now be completed in just half a day.’*

Designed for sanding and micro-finishing, the SMF-200 provides a consistent surface finish on almost any horizontal surface. It covers a greater surface area and achieves a predictable finish in a fraction of the time, when compared to conventional single-disc sanding power tools ’“ and all done quietly and effortlessly. The proven SMF-200 is easy to use ’“ even inexperienced workers can grasp the concept quickly. Just gently guide the SMF across the surface to be finished; the SMF does the job rather than the operator.

It has a unique quick-change sanding disc system, allowing the operator to quickly change all sanding discs at once by removing the clover-shaped accessory pad and replacing with another one pre-fitted with a different grade of abrasive. The system saves downtime and sandpaper costs.

Jeffrey Vickers adds: ‘We are delighted with the results from our *Surcare*, it's much quieter than our other orbital sanders and our fabricators love using it. Based on the time saved to date, we estimate that the Surcare" will have paid for itself in less than one year.’

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