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CD UK becomes the exclusive UK reseller for CounterGo

CD UK becomes the exclusive UK reseller for CounterGo

How long do you spend quoting worktops each day?

For most companies involved in making worktops, the answer to this question tends to be that a lot of time goes into responding to customer quotes.

By the time you have worked out how much you will charge, you then have to put this into some form of response and remember to include all the extras. Then the customer comes back and changes something and you have to start again. For many of our customers, quotes are taken home at the end of a busy day and become a chore to be done at night before the onset of yet another day in the office and workshop.

Are you the only person in your organisation who you trust to do quotes?

We often find that quoting is the job of the business owner and that person alone. All the prices and add-ons are carefully stored in their brain and they certainly couldn't ever envisage letting anyone else in the place send out quotes for them.

How quickly do you get back to your customers with quotes? How professional are the quotes you send out?

Because you may be the only one doing the quotes, and because you leave them until the end of the day when you have chance to get round to looking at the quotes, are you really getting back to your customers quickly enough - *are you getting back to your customers as quickly as your competitors?*

When you do get round to sending the quote, what format do you send it in? Does your customer receive a professional response that shows off your company in the best possible light? Do they get a drawing which brings their worktops to life for them?

CounterGo is the new way to quote worktops

With CounterGo you draw a worktop, and the price is automatically calculated. You can turn a customer's sketch into a professional looking drawing, quote, and slab or sheet layout. All in just a few minutes. Before the customer leaves your showroom. Or before they've asked someone else on the internet for a price.

Most worktop fabricators tell us creating quotes is one of the worst parts of their job. It takes too much time. And yet it's critical to the business. Hand-drawn sketches are time-consuming to make and hard to read.

How CounterGo can help your business

  • You will be spending considerably less time producing quotes which leaves you free to go out and get more business;
  • You can set CounterGo up to calculate prices automatically and to include all your add-ons such as templating costs, installation etc. This means you can easily train staff to use CounterGo to produce quotes without fear that they will get sums wrong or miss off important costs. Once again this gives you more time to run your business and to drive sales;
  • You are human, and humans make mistakes, whether we like to admit it or not sometimes. CounterGo means that you don't need to worry about misquoting, or forgetting to add on delivery charges etc. Programme charges in once and they will always appear on your quotes. Mistakes cost money and CounterGo will help make your business more efficient;
  • In today's world, getting back to your customers quickly is increasingly important. If you don't, your competition will. With CounterGo you can either quote a customer immediately whilst they may be with you in your showroom or you can email a response back to them in minutes. Either way, you are impressing your potential customer with how efficiently you are dealing with their enquiry;
  • You will not just be quick to respond, you will also be professional when you do respond. Letting your customer have a typed quote alongside a detailed drawing of the worktops that they are looking for will give you a competitive advantage.
*Can you afford not to have CounterGo in your business?*
Click here to see CounterGo in action, to get pricing information and to request a demonstration.


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