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Designing with DuPont™ Corian® - the latest from around the world part 2

Designing with DuPont™ Corian® - the latest from around the world part 2

Firstly, and most importantly Happy New Year to everyone from us all at CD UK. Fingers crossed that 2013 is the start of better economic times ahead after several difficult years.

On the design front, it's exciting to see what may come out from around the world - to kick things off we've got ice-cream makers and bicycles. Who'd have thought that a sheet of 12mm Corian® could end up as such varied specimens?

Ice Cream Maker Designed by Sebastian Bergne, Fabricated by Mike Smith for Heston Blumenthal

Product designer Sebastian Bergne has created a bespoke ice cream machine (picture above) using DuPont™ Corian®. Commissioned by world-famous chef Heston Blumenthal for his London restaurant Dinner" the machine is designed to make frosty treats using liquid nitrogen.

Ever the showman, Blumenthal wanted a bespoke trolley in white Corian® that resembles a crisp table cloth and was reminiscent of a magician's table. The whole thing glides on hidden wheels. On top sits a large cast iron flywheel that powers the machine to make ice cream in seconds.

Very few materials could be used for this product which combine the ability to be thermoformed, cut and shaped whilst offering a non-porous and therefore hygienic surface when working with food.

Corian® takes to the tracks

US designer "Emily Watson
likes to juxtapose traditional with modern materials and I was delighted to find her including Corian® in the contemporary side of things - This interest in texture, surface and touchability carries over to my carved pieces, which blend unconventional materials with traditional ones, old with new, precious with non-precious. I work with a wide array of materials, including sterling and argentium silver, copper, wood, acrylic, bakelite, corian, vulcanite, bone, horn, jet, and stone."

Take a look at this lovely little "locomotive ring
just being worked on by Emily at the moment - Corian® is extremely tactile and I think it's really clever how Emily creates a sense of the steam coming out of the train from a solid material.

I like to ride my bicycle.....

Karim Rashid created a bit of a stir when he created these beautiful bicycles back in 2010 as part of his take on Eco living.

Great to look at but functionally useless is a summary of the two bikes. Which raises the question of whether they are merely pieces of art which should be looked at from a purely aesthetic point of view or are they a disappointment as they are taking a working solution and rendering it unusable?

Rashid is a great exponent of design with Corian® but in this case I would have to come down on the negative side. They may look good but surely it's better to produce something like the wonderful ice-cream maker that is both fun and works?


Tell me about any designers you know of working in Corian® and I'll happily showcase their work in the future.

Have a great year.......


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