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NEW S-Box™ Pop-up Storage Solution

NEW S-Box™ Pop-up Storage Solution

We have now teamed up with the manufacturers of the award-winning S-Box™, pop-up storage solution for the kitchen and home.

The S-Box™ range of 'function' and technology' designs, enables useful and everyday items to be hidden from view and presented only when needed with the touch of a finger. No electrics, no gas hassle!

Maximising otherwise wasted space towards the rear of the cabinet or within the voids in a kitchen island, the whole S-Box™ range can be easily installed and will add value and innovation to any kitchen design.

With a wide variety of pre-designed uses there is an S-Box™ to suit almost every taste and requirement. They are supplied with a stainless steel finish as standard but the top can be replaced with Corian®, granite or other finishes to match the work surface.

*An innovative and unique 'third design dimension' for the home of the future*

See a video of it in use and further details here


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