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Corian® facade in London announced as Finalist in Surface Design Awards

Corian® facade in London announced as Finalist in Surface Design Awards

You might think that the first thing Prince Charles will do when he returns from his latest tour of the Pacific will be to pen a letter of complaint to Islington Council about this latest project from the award-winning Alison Brooks Architects recently ran an article about this amazing project. They describe the two separate extended areas as tapered volumes that project into the garden".

Juxtaposition of modern and old is not new concept but rarely can it have been so boldly performed as in this stunning London home.

The project is interesting to anyone involved with solid surface as it is clad in over 250m2 of Blackberry Ice Corian®.

Large sheets of DuPont™ Corian®, up to full sheet size (3.658m x .76m), have been fixed on aluminium rails with open joints to allow for expansion and contraction.

Apparently the specification for the cladding was originally for zinc, but at the request of the client and home owner, this was switched to Corian®.

There are many features of Corian® that make it such a good surface for rainscreen facades:

  • it is flexible to use (large areas can be covered, routered details added, thermoformed shapes included);
  • it is UV stable in selected colours so will not fade in the sunlight;
  • it is non-porous and low maintenance (the acidity in rain water helps clean the surface);
  • it is lightweight compared to a lot of products traditionally used for rainscreen facades, which can keep the cost of the structural building down; and
  • it is repairable should any damage occur.
Not a bad list! Like it or loathe it, I think it's hard not to appreciate the boldness of the concept and the skill of the execution in this project - someone must agree as it has been selected as one of the finalists in the External Housing Category at the upcoming Surface Design Awards. It would definitely get my vote but maybe I'm not the most objective person to ask....what do you think about using solid surface for cladding?


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