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Get the Most out of DuPont™ Corian® with LED Lighting Strips

Get the Most out of DuPont™ Corian® with LED Lighting Strips

CD UK is now delighted to offer the very best quality LED Tape available

These strips are ideal for decoration, lighting and mood lighting. Because many of the colours of Corian® are transluscent and it can be shaped or formed there are endless possibilities for designing contemporary lighting solutions.

Creative possibilities of light for your Corian® kitchen

Whether you are developing atmospheric lighting or adding dramatic effect to furniture, Corian® is the perfect material. Back-lighting can be further enhanced by routering out designs and wording on the back of Corian®.

Exploring the Colours of Corian®

As well as various shades of white, Corian® comes in a range of specialist translucent colours such as Mint Ice and Lime Ice.

When back-lit this combination of light and colour provides the perfect solution for interior designing

Where to use LED lighting strips

  • Shelf lighting
  • Sign lighting
  • Back lighting
  • Contour lighting
  • Lighting architraves
  • Cupboard and cabinet lighting
  • Door frames
  • Edge lighting for steps
  • Lighting for under cabinets, cupboards etc.


CD UK can now provide high output linkable LED adhesive backed tape. Sold in kits with up to 4m lengths of LED strips and driver included you will have everything you need for an easy to use lighting solution. Please contact John Firth at or on 0113 201 2240 for further information.
Let us know where you've used LED lighting with Corian®. Are there any Corian® bathrooms out there with LED Lights?


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