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Surcare 4-Disc Sander

Surcare 4-Disc Sander

Save up to 70% in time and cost

The revolutionary Surcare SMF-200 random orbital four-disc sanding machine is now available from CD (UK). Saving up to 70% of finishing time and cost on most manually finished surfaces, the SMF-200 increases productivity and competitiveness for firms involved with labour intensive finishing.

The large hand-held SMF-200 has been designed for sanding and micro-finishing, providing a consistent surface finish on almost any horizontal surface. It covers a greater surface area and achieves a predictable finish in a fraction of the time, when compared to conventional single-disc sanding power tools ’“ and all done quietly and effortlessly.

Easy to Use

The proven SMF-200 is easy to use ’“ even inexperienced workers can grasp the concept quickly. Just gently guide the SMF across the surface to be finished; the SMF does the job rather than the operator. Available in 240 volt or 110 volt, it is ’˜central vacuum ready', with 0.55kW induction motor and 19mm orbit stroke and takes four 150mm abrasive ’˜hook & loop' discs.

The type of material being sanded and the finish required will determine which abrasive to be used on the surface. The SMF-200 has a unique quick-change sanding disc system allowing the operator to quickly change all sanding discs at once by removing the clover-shaped accessory pad and replacing with another one pre-fitted with a different grade of abrasive. The system saves downtime and sandpaper costs.

Accessory Pads

The SMF-200 comes with two types of accessory pads; one for levelling the surface and joints (’˜Nieva' accessory pad - a rigid, closed cell pad), and one for micro-finishing (’˜Eneva' accessory pad - a flexible opened cell pad).

For further information or *to organise a demonstration* please call John Firth on 0113 201 2240.

Click here for specification details and a video showing Surcare products at work.


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