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SICCS - The leading skills certification scheme for shopfitting and fit out contracting

SICCS - The leading skills certification scheme for shopfitting and fit out contracting

Article by Robert Hudson – CEO National Association of Shopfitters (NAS)

The Shopfitting and Interior Contracting Competency Scheme (SICCS) - Proof that individuals working on fit out contracting sites have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out. SICCS is wholly owned by the NAS and affiliated to CSCS.

The Construction Leadership Council has recently agreed that rather than identifying one card scheme, instead it will be necessary that from January 2015 the industry, including trade associations, contractors, clients and government should specify and promote card schemes carrying the CSCS logo with no equivalents accepted.

The SICCS Card will be carrying the CSCS logo following a recent audit.

Virtual & Physical Smartcard Management 
An overview of the Gencarda Suite August 2017

The Virtual and Physical Smartcard Management Solution, Gencarda Suite - is a creative and innovative system that uses powerful technology to provide faster, more flexible smartcard solutions.

Physical Smartcards are printed as normal whilst Virtual Smartcards use new technology to produce an electronic card that is issued directly to a mobile device, removing the need to carry physical card

Designed so that new third-party apps can be developed and integrated to provide additional functionality, the suite has three core elements:

SICCS - Infograph

The system is a scalable, fully hosted, secure online solution with 24/7 availability. Subscribers just pay a low set up cost and a fee for each card issued – a highly cost-effective solution.

Why use Gencarda?

• It is really quick and easy to set up  
• A low set up fee and card issue charges mean it’s highly cost effective to implement and manage
• It has defined roles and a simple user interface making the system really easy to use  
• Cards can be updated, cancelled, suspended and reactivated in real time
• Card expiries are easy to identify and manage
• With functionality to manage multiple card designs, you are able to issue any number of cards to cardholders
• You can issue Virtual Smartcards either alongside physical cards or on their own

Virtual Smartcards vs. Physical Smartcards

There are many business advantages in issuing Virtual Smartcards in place of physical cards. These include:

• Reduced costs – low set up fees and per card charges
• You’ll no longer need to manage physical card stocks and the print set-up and management process
• Cards are issued instantly and are ready to use as soon as they are downloaded, saving time and reducing costs
• Virtual Cards are quick and easy to check using secure QR codes on the free GoSmart app
• GoSmart enables Virtual Smartcards to be read on iPhones as well as Android and Windows devices
• Cardholders receive notifications each time their card is updated or read, keeping them informed, so that you don’t have to
• Virtual cards cannot be lost as they can be transferred to other devices (owned by the cardholder), saving considerable time and costs
• People might forget their smartcard but they never forget their smartphone!


Vircarda is a free app for securely storing and managing Virtual Smartcards on a mobile device, available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices.

How does it work?
• Once a Virtual Smartcard is issued in Gencarda, it sends an email and/or SMS to the recipient advising them to download the Vircarda app where they can register and then access their virtual cards.
• The app is easy to download from the relevant app store, taking just seconds.


Card reading

Virtual cards can be installed on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices and can be transferred between them.

Virtual cards are read using encrypted, short-life QR codes which, are highly secure.

When read, a digital representation of the card is displayed by GoSmart, along with the date and time of each card read; the location of a card read is also shown if location services are enabled on the card reading device.

This provides a complete audit trail of card reads and sends a notification to the cardholder that their virtual smartcard has been read. When read offline, the card is provisionally validated and basic cardholder information is available; each offline read is cached on the card reading device and completed once connectivity is available.



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