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Congratulations are in Order

Congratulations are in Order

This incredible installation entitled ‘Order’ was one of the highlights at Clerkenwell Design Week 2017.

Designed and fabricated by Aldworth James & Bond, this feature installation explored the structural properties of Corian® whilst delivering drama and creativity to the festival.

Clerkenwell Installation 2.jpg 

Using an octagonal form inspired by the Cross of St John, the impressive Corian® structure celebrates the arch as a gateway to the design festival. The concept is inspired by the Anthony Powell quote found at the Charterhouse: “I went under an arch… it was like moving into the fourth dimension, several centuries back in time, everything round but completely still, like a dream.”

‘Order’ pushes the boundaries of component-based digital fabrication by forming 145 700mm Corian® octagons that connect together in nine sections, forming a unique multi-dimensional structure. It measures almost three metres in height, and over five metres in length. The material’s strength was integral to Order’, and truly showcases the versatility and benefits of using Corian® as a structural element in manufacture. The aesthetics of the piece was completed by using a contemporary colour pallet of Corian® in Aqua, Burled Beach, Juniper, Clam Shell and Silver Birch.

Designed and fabricated by Aldworth James & Bond

Engineered by David Akera Engineers Ltd

Supported by Corian®

 Clerkenwell Installation

Clerkenwell Installation

Clerkenwell Installation

Photography by Tom Donald


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