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Announcing Quarter 1 Corian® Design Award Winners

Announcing Quarter 1 Corian® Design Award Winners

Product Winner - Ice Bed

The Ice Bed, never ending heights, a bed completely made of DuPont™ Corian®.

This versatile design material of the future has enabled a completed installation uniting mat surfaces and sharp edge capabilities all with a uniform seamless appearance.

Ice Bed Back

The bed is located in the centre of the room, providing an enhanced sense of secureness. An LED- diffused Corian® segment allows for visual enhancement of light running from the foot to the peak of the mountain.

Next to its design the Ice Bed provides for extensive discreet external and internal storage.

Ice Bed Day

The back of the bed is incised through the rear wall which divides this element into two areas, the exhibition area and the storage area. In proximity to the pillow there are all the necessary switches neatly recessed into the Corian® surface.

Ice Bed Close Up

Designed by. Robin Skala, Johann Szebeni,
Marcel Steinbacher & Yusuf Yazici of Who Cares?! Design

Corian® Colours. Ice White, Glacier White


Project Winner - One One One Eagle Street

One One One Eagle Street

The choice to use Corian® for a number of key elements in the public areas of One One One Eagle Street was an essential part of the carefully crafted internal and external palettes of the building.

A variety of differing structural and aesthetic requirements are presented at the ground level in a number of locations that naturally draw the eye. Corian® was the ideal choice to meet these differing requirements and to match the exacting visual standards demanded by the quality of the building.

One One One Eagle Street Front

Corian® Cameo White in a satin finish was chosen as the cladding material for all of the internal and external structural columns. The columns form the lower portion of One One One Eagle Streets unique web-like structure that is derived from a ‘growing toward the light’ algorithm that relates to the local sub-tropical vegetation. Corian®’s ability to provide large sleek surfaces with inconspicuous seams and the soft finish allowed the large symmetrical columns to feature without enclosing or overpowering at the pedestrian scale.

One One One Eagle Street Cafe

The ability to join and form Corian® seamlessly made it the natural choice for the complex curvature forms of the feature internal staircase from the ground foyer to podium level. The striking natural stone flooring and facings of the building core required a light and flexible counterpoint at this location and the satin finish of the Cameo White is ideal. It was the first choice material when developing the elaborate geometry and to provide the smoothly curved central form.

One One One Eagle Street Above

Corian® Cameo White was also chosen for the joinery facing of the One Eleven Espresso Bar where it’s ability to be joined, formed and back-lit was highlighted. It was a final element in the public interior that was assembled homogenously through the use of Corian®.

Designed by. Michael Rayner of Cox Rayner Architects

Corian® Colours. Cameo White

Joiner/Builder. Arden Architectural Staircases


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