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Art with a Twinkle

Art with a Twinkle

Not so long ago we were lucky enough to stumble across the goldsmith and designer Greetje Sieders from the Netherlands who now uses Corian® in her designs.

She commented “years ago I used ivory and bone in my compositions but then one of my students, an industrial designer gave me a piece of Corian® and I was sold! It is a very nice material, easy to work with and available in beautiful colours.”

Art with a Twinkle

Corian® combined with porcelain and silver.

She is a goldsmith designer and teacher as well running her own little school in Scheveningen at the edge of The Haque close to the sea.

She produces work for gallery’s, art fairs and commissions.

“Spontaneity and technique can sometimes interfere with each other.  In my work I take the risk of combining them.  It must appear playful but be executed with skilful workmanship.
The material to be employed is an artistic choice. It must express the narrative character of my work.  I value every material from precious metal to found objects. I regard my work as wearable art with a twinkle.”

Art with a Twinkle

Angel with Corian® bird.

For further details about Greetje and her work please visit her web site


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