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DuPont™ Corian® lets Metal and Butter create a Backgammon Board that is both Stylish and Waterproof

DuPont™ Corian® lets Metal and Butter create a Backgammon Board that is both Stylish and Waterproof

Corian® fabricator Metal and Butter take the term “bespoke” extremely seriously. Whether Alex Colchester and his team are making kitchens, cabinets or individual pieces of furniture,“each project we undertake is solved from scratch and is totally driven by your interior space”.

In the case of this individual and unique backgammon set, the client was a lover of backgammon but was bored of the dark 'gentleman's club' feel of most boards. He wanted a large custom set for his yacht that looked different and was also waterproof.

They came up with the "Candy" backgammon board made entirely from DuPont™ Corian®. Strawberry Ice and Mint Ice were combined with Glacier White to create this most tactile of gaming boards.Because the board was for playing on board a yacht the fact that Corian® is totally waterproof makes it the perfect material for this application.

Bright and clean theboard is large and robust –measuring 1 metre wide by 0.5m high.

Corian Candy Backgammon Closed

Textured Corian®

The board was fabricated using a CNC machine with a large amount of subsequent hand finishing. When closed the board has a beautiful Spirograph pattern carved in the top. Applying textures and patterns to Corian® is a simple process that means each piece can have a unique design.

In contrast, the dice shaker cups were technically very challenging as Metal and Butter took the Corian® down to only 2mm in thickness. A thicker coloured top rim was then glued on and “it became surprisingly strong”.

The surface of the playing board are was polished to a gloss finish and Alex explains that “the pieces move very nicely on it with a satisfying 'clack'.

Corian Candy Backgammon Board Corner

Corian® is a material that craftsmen love to work with and when talking to Alex about producing this brilliant board you can hear the passion he has for his art and also for the benefits that he gets from using Corian®.

We can’t wait to see what comes out of the Metal and Butter workshop next.

Corian Candy Backgammon Packed Up


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