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Textured Corian® panels provide inspiration to leading Australian architect for their "De-Form Wall"

Textured Corian® panels provide inspiration to leading Australian architect for their "De-Form Wall"

Melonie Bayl-Smith and Vanessa Tang-Lee of Bijl Architecture joined forces with the team atarchitectural design agency AR-MA to create the amazing “De-Form Wall” at the heart of an Australian home in the Sydney suburb of Naremburn.

This sculptural wall installation in the central stair void of the house was recently chosen as the Grand Prix Winnerin the Residential Category at the 2013 CASF Australia Corian Design Awards.

Textured Corian De-formed Wall

Corian® driving design

The wall evolved from a series of conversations with the client during the design and documentation process, and was prototyped and developed alongside the design for the custom cantilevering steel and timber stairway.

Covering a wall area of almost 30sqm, the De-Form Wall is a CNC routed Corian® panel double-height installation. Melonie says that it“is an exploration of parametric drawing and scripting in built work.”

The whole design process was innovative and detailed as prototyping, design and production of the panels required custom toolingto produce a variety of material effects that were then reviewed in a design feedback loop.

Light fantastic

By day, the interplay of shadows created by the natural lighting obtained from the large skylight enlivens the stair void space, whilst at night, the fineness of the line patterns in the Corian® panels is further enhanced by the artificial lighting effects designed specifically to offset the panel details, which include an integrated, backlit handrail for the stair.

Textured Corian Sky Lights

Corian® helps bring the possible to life

Because of the versatility of Corian®, adding texture and patterns to the surface is relatively straightforward. The design outcomes are anything but simple. This dream house is a great example of how using geometric lines combined with the translucent properties of Corian® achieves a striking 3d pattern that is both modern and unique to the homeowner. A plain wall is suddenly transformed into a feature-wall.

The options for adding patterns and textures to Corian® are endless. This home has been transformed through clarity and light. It is an exciting example of what can be achieved when designers at the top of their craft strive to push the boundaries with materials such as Corian®.

Textured Corian Stair Well

Textured Corian Stair Well Close-up

Textured Corian Landing


Design by: Melonie Bayl-Smith and Vanessa Tang-Lee of Bijl Architecture in collaboration with AR-MA
Application: Wall cladding and staircase soffit Corian®
Colour(s): Glacier White and Glacier Ice
Joiner: Stuart Wilson Constructions and FCI Pty Ltd
Corian® Fabrication by: FCI Pty Ltd
Photos: Michael Ford Studio


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