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External Corian® Cladding for Residential Property

External Corian® Cladding for Residential Property

DuPont™ Corian® was used to create the sparkling modern look of this extension to a family dwelling near York.

Corian® provides rainscreen cladding which is not only highly effective but also highly decorative.

Corian® is a creative and versatile material with which you can design not only a highly visual appearance, but also a cladding which will remain looking new and clean for many years.

Corian Residential Property Side View

Corian® is extremely durable and hard wearing, will not stain or fade is easy to keep clean and retains its appearance over a long period of time.

By virtue of its longevity, resistance and renewability, Corian® can defy the test of time in both creating and preserving buildings of beauty.

Corian® comes in a variety of colours all of which can be used to create different effects and looks.

Corian® is an extremely versatile material which can be easily fitted to either an existing building or to a new extension as shown in this case history.

Corian Residential Property

DuPont™ Corian® combines superior aesthetics with extraordinary design flexibility which has been used to create this elegant extension.

Corian® panels are capable of creating expansive and sleek vertical surfaces with inconspicuous seams. Inspiring decorative options can also be created with textured panels.


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