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Creating a Beautiful Home with Corian®

Creating a Beautiful Home with Corian®

From simple kitchen work surfaces to teaming up with the likes of Missoni and Disney to exhibitions in Milan, Corian® fits comfortably into all sorts of design scenarios and can be transformed into all manner of trinkets, homeware, furniture and more.

As an interior design blogger, I'm going to take a look at how Corian has been used in the home and how it sits happily alongside softer furnishings. Now, before you write it off as purely a ’˜work surface' material (which I wouldn't blame you for doing), hear me out; the rest of this article will have you cooing with delight at all the wonderful ways it's been used to create some truly beautiful living spaces.

The first example is this stunning upholstered chair from the ‘Corian loves Missoni’ (2008) exhibition in Milan with the base of the chair formed from Corian® and then softened with a polka dot fabric and cushion to create a warmer, more comfortable piece of furniture.

Creating a Beautiful Home with Corian®

Another great example of Corian® working hand in hand with well selected fabrics and upholstery is this hard laser-cut feature wall, (also from the ‘Corian loves Missoni’ exhibition) creating a gorgeous floral contrast with the colourful geometry of the bed and pillows in this bedroom interior; it's hard not to fall in love with that vibrant purple wall and green carpet teamed with those technicolour cushions!

Creating a Beautiful Home with Corian®

Moving on from room design in its entirety, and taking a closer look at the more intricate details you can achieve, this ’˜Ghost Bed' frame by Pae White is made entirely from carved Corian®, and boy is it beautiful!

I don't think there's many who wouldn't love a four poster to stretch out on in the evenings, and you can just imagine sinking into this (fully functional) bed complete with a super deep mattress, soft bedding and all the cushions and pillows you could fit on top!

Creating a Beautiful Home with Corian®

To top it off no lounge is complete without a fireplace to curl up in front of during the evenings, and this beautiful ‘Tulip’ design by Matteo Ragni would be the perfect addition to any design conscious living space. Created from white Corian® in an interesting and eye catching shape, it brings a quirky twist to the otherwise muted tones and design of this lounge scene.

It is industrial and bulky, but that's why it works so well alongside the fluffy mink coloured rug and white soft furnishings; it creates a jolt in the otherwise overly tame interior.

Creating a Beautiful Home with Corian®

Overall Corian® has always been a beautiful addition to any home, but when carefully considered, can be teamed up with soft furnishings, upholstered with beautiful fabrics, and used as an accessory to add a whole new dimension to your interior.

*Suzie Newton is a contributer to the Terry's Fabrics blog, part time photographer and a lifelong homes and interiors enthusiast with a past, present and future in property development.*

*You can follow Suzie and read more on Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+.*


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